Sabine Neches Baptist Area
Thursday, August 17, 2017

Missionary Residence



(Revised 1989)
The missionary in residence will have responsibilities outside the Sabine Neches Baptist Area and this is understood by the Sabine Neches Baptist Area Committee and each association. Also taken in consideration is the recognition of the State-Side Assignment being a time for the missionary family to rest and visit their families. With these considerations, the following is the working agreement:
  1. The missionary residence, 102 Inwood Street, Silsbee, TX is provided with complete furnishings.
  1. The missionary will receive $150.00 per month for expense assistance paid from the Area Office. These budgeted funds come from the churches gifts to the association.
  1. All area scheduling will be made through the Area Office and consent from the missionary. Scheduling will be in order of calls received in the Area Office.
  1. Each church is encouraged to give a love offering when the missionary serves in a church.
  1. The Missionary Residence Committee will be made up of one representative from Emmanuel, New Bethel and Sabine Valley Associations.
The Mission of the Missionary Home is to provide a home for our missionaries and to provide Mission Awareness in our Sabine Neches Baptist Area churches.
Please schedule your church program to take advantage of this opportunity.
Sabine Neches Area Committee